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At a high academic institution I believed it was important that we differentiate our university and highlight our major separators: Our location, what happens within our location and our powerful alumni base. The World's Most Powerful City speaks for itself, Washington DC is where the most impactful decisions for the World are made, often 4 blocks from our gym at the White House. World's Most Powerful University spoke to our alumni base and the connections that can be made when you earn a degree from this institution. It was important to me that on every social media post we remind our recruits on these factors that no other institution could stack up. The players and families that valued this the most would end up on our roster. 


#NCStateBracketFacts #NCStBracketFacts #MDBracketFacts


Making it into the NCAA tournament when you're squarely on the bubble is a nerve wracking experience. As a competitor I want to give my program every advantage possible and this strategy clearly worked as we were never left out of the NCAA tournament while on the bubble. The selection committee when they arrive at Indianapolis is sequestered from outside communication. Knowing this my strategy to state our case of why us was to share the most important facts via social media and tag the pundits that would be on TV that would have the best chances of repeating the favorable information we sent out, especially during the championship game broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday of the final week of the season. True to form, broadcasters would repeat our facts verbatim. Is this what got us in? We will never know, but I know it didn't hurt us!

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During the summer of 2016 Coach Nima filled in on the recruiting trail for Coach Mark Turgeon while he was coaching with Team USA. During this time, Nima utilized a social media strategy to have recruits intrigued to not only see the Terps at their games, but to see what Nima would be wearing on his feet. During this time is when Nima identified Eric Ayala, who would later sign with the Terps. 

Running Man Challenge
In 2016, the Running Man Challenge was the most googled phrase. The internet’s second most viral sensation, which originated in the locker room of Maryland Basketball and it’s growth was aided by Coach Nima.


When Coach Nima joined the University of Maryland basketball program, he identified a need to unify the team under a mantra to the team focused on their goals. The team was tasked with holding each other accountable to these goals. Due to the increased importance of social media to promote the program in this era, #WeWill was utilized on all social media posts by the program and fans, and all the while, serving as a reminder to our team what their commitment to the program was. That season Maryland basketball set a regular season record in wins and advanced to their first NCAA tournament under Mark Turgeon. 

We Will

We Will

We Will
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"We Will" Maryland Basketball 2014 Episode 1

"We Will" Maryland Basketball 2014 Episode 1

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We Will - Episode 2

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"We Will" Episode 3

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Staats Battle wins Coolest name in the NCAA Tournament

When the Wolfpack qualified for the first tournament in the Mark Gottfried era, Nima created a marketing campaign to guide Staats Battle to the ESPN National Championship for Coolest name in the NCAA Tournament!

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